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10 Picture Books & Comics to Celebrate Earth Day

This collection of beautiful picture books celebrate our big, round world, from the tiniest bugs, to the deepest oceans, to the great minds who strive to learn and protect our planet.

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to learn, celebrate, and spread the word about great books for kids. Within this collection of picture books, readers can meet amazing scientists like Meg Lowman and Charles Henry Turner, and discover wonderful poetry for children that’s written to praise our precious planet—the churning forces deep underground, the beautiful birds that fly through the sky, and everything in between.

Explore these beautiful picture books perfect for celebrating earth day!

1. The Leaf Detective: How Margaret Lowman Uncovered Secrets in the Rainforest by Heather Lang, illustrated by Jana Christy

This award-winning picture book biography tells the story of Meg Lowman, a groundbreaking female scientist called a “real-life Lorax” by National Geographic, who was determined to investigate the marvelous, undiscovered world of the rainforest treetops.

2. You Are My Pride: A Love Letter from Your Motherland by Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated by E. B. Lewis

In this powerfully written and beautifully illustrated picture book by award-winning author and illustrator team Carole Boston Weatherford and E. B. Lewis, Mother Africa addresses her offspring of all colors in all corners of the earth, reminding us of our timeless bond. Includes back matter with nonfiction information about human evolution and about the migration of Homo sapiens from Africa around the globe.

3. How Birds Sleep by David Obuchowski, illustrated by Sarah Pedry

Discover the mysterious and fascinating sleeping habits of more than twenty bird species from around the world in this gorgeously illustrated read-aloud picture book, perfect for bedtime, or any time. “Did you ever wonder how and where birds sleep once the sun goes down?….Pedry’s artwork is a definite highlight….Share this one-on-one or in very small groups so children can see the details.” — Kirkus Reviews

4. Buzzing with Questions: The Inquisitive Mind of Charles Henry Turner by Janice N. Harrington, illustrated by Theodore Taylor III

Can spiders learn? How do ants find their way home? Can bugs see color? All of these questions buzzed endlessly in Charles Henry Turner’s mind—he was fascinated by plants and animals and bugs. This picture book biography is perfect for Earth Day and tells the story of first Black entomologist.

5. A Journal: A Bug’s Notebook designed by Zhu Yingchun

Unleash your creativity with this delightfully designed journal. Doodlers, daydreamers, diary-keepers, and bug-lovers alike will be inspired again and again by this utterly unique notebook.

6. While You’re Away by Theoodoris Papioannou, illustrated by Petros Boulaubasis

A beautiful story that humbly conveys the importance of paying attention to nature. “★A gentle reminder to appreciate the natural world and its creatures.” — School Library Journal.

7. Grow by Joann Early Macken, illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Colman

An ideal birthday or baby gift, Grow is a triumphant celebration of how young animals—and people—grow into unique individuals. Grow is a glorious ode to the wonders of growing up.

8. The Reason for the Seasons, written and illustrated by Ellie Peterson

We all know there are four seasons in a year. But HOW do we know? Join intrepid young scientist-adventurer Joulia Copernicus on a journey around the world as she explains with humor and wit how we know what causes the seasons.

9. One Boy’s Choice by Sueli Menezes, illustrated by Annika Siems

A National Council for the Social Studies – CBC Notable Trade Book! On the bank of a river in the Amazon, a boy learns from his grandfather about a father fish that cares for his offspring, and the importance of preserving the species for future generations.

10. The Secret Life of the Flying Squirrel by Laurence Pringle, illustrated by Kate Garchinsky

“Garchinsky’s digital paintings bring this beguiling glider to life… an intriguing introduction to a nocturnal and secretive forest dweller.” —Kirkus Reviews

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