Bonus Materials
Mission Guides for How to Be an Earthling Series

Dear classmates,

I’ve always been the expert on outer space in my class. I didn’t think anyone knew more than me about the planets, but then Spork showed up. I have to learn more—let’s do some research!

Your friend,

Spork Out of Orbit Mission Guide – Book #1

Greetings, Sharkling Mission Guide – Book #2

Take Me To Your Weeder Mission Guide – Book #3

Earth’s Got Talent – Book #4

No Place Like Space – Book #5

Alien in the Outfield – Book #6

May the Votes Be With You – Book #7

Money Doesn’t Grow on Mars – Book #8

Planet of the Eggs – Book #9

Parks and Wrecks – Book #10

Librarians of the Galaxy – Book #11

One Small Step for Spork – Book #12