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Books for Adults

Astra House is dedicated to publishing authors across genres and from around the world. We value works that are authentic, ask new questions, present counter-narratives and original thinking, challenge our assumptions, and broaden and deepen our understanding of the world. Our mission is to advocate for authors who experience their subject deeply and personally, and who have a strong point of view; writers who represent multifaceted expressions of intellectual thought and personal experience, and who can introduce readers to new perspectives about their everyday lives as well as the lives of others.

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DAW Books is strongly committed to discovering and nurturing new talent and seeks to publish a wide range of voices and stories. Founded in 1971, DAW was the first publishing company ever devoted exclusively to science fiction and fantasy. Now over 50 years and 2,000 titles later, under the direction of co-publishers Betsy Wollheim and Sheila Gilbert, DAW has a well-deserved reputation for discovering and publishing the hottest talents in the industry.

Books for Young Readers

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Astra Young Readers, formerly Boyds Mills Press, publishes a wide range of high-quality fiction and nonfiction titles for young readers. We believe that engaging a child’s interest and imagination fosters a natural love of reading and that books inspire compassion, open-mindedness, and curiosity in our complex world. 

Calkins Creek publishes both nonfiction and historical fiction that introduces children to the many people, places, and events that shaped U.S. History. Its titles present multiple points of view through original and extensive research, and each innovative and skillfully written book uses primary sources and includes extensive backmatter: timelines, bibliographies, historical notes, and glossaries.

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Like its namesake playground in NYC, Hippo Park aspires to create space for children to explore, connect with their imaginations, and discover themselves. Focusing on highly illustrated books with lots of playful humor for the under twelve set.

Kane Press is an award-winning publisher of illustrated titles for children ages 3 to 11. Connecting fiction and nonfiction stories with authentic content and relating that content to a child’s everyday experiences are the focus of all Kane Press books.  

mineditionus publishes picture books of the highest quality that open the door to the world for children. When children are exposed to exceptional books, they develop much more than a deeper appreciation for the world and art—they can can expand the scope of their dreams and understanding and learn how to respect the environment, others and themselves.

Toon Books Imprint

TOON books has revolutionized the field of comics and graphic novels by producing a series of award-winning comics designed specifically for readers grades K–3. Their concept is to get top-notch practitioners such as Eleanor Davis, Jeff Smith, Art Spiegelman, and Argentine superstar Liniers to apply their magic to kids’ comics.

Wordsong is the only children’s imprint in the United States specifically dedicated to poetry.  Wordsong titles capture the vibrant, unexpected, and emotional connections between text and young readers.  Some of the well-known poets who publish under the WordSong imprint include Nikki Grimes, J. Patrick Lewis, Jane Yolen, Marilyn Nelson and Marilyn Singer.