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These Books Make Math SO Much Fun!

Thank you, math teachers. How do you do it? You somehow make children know math—often, in the words of a popular comedian, “against their will”—and you do it with style. Here are a selection of books written by teachers, scientists, and researchers, filled with math concepts just right for elementary school learners. We hope these books can add a little bit more fun to the wonderful work you do everyday!

The Arithmechicks

Math is so much fun to master with the Arithmechicks! Author Ann Marie Stephens has been an elementary teacher for over 28 years, and is an expert at teaching math basics so little ones can learn. This series is a great fit for young readers preschool through 3rd grade, and ages 4-8.

The Arithmechicks are ten math-loving chicks who love to have a good time with their friend Mouse, and these picture books are series the perfect introduction to essential math for young children.

In Arithmechicks Add Up ten math-loving chicks make a new friend at the playground while demonstrating key math concepts to children!

Mouse comes over for a sleepover in Arithmechicks Take Away. When Mama says it’s time for bed, the clever chicks decide it’s time to prolong the fun instead!

Join the Arithmechicks and Mouse as they head off to the fair in Arithmechicks Play Fair! These chicks can’t wait to enjoy the roller coaster, bumper cars, games, and delicious snacks; meanwhile Mouse is determined to sink the rooster at the dunk tank.

In Arithmechicks Take a Calculation Vacation, the chicks are headed to the beach! Readers are invited to add and subtract as these math-loving chicks also explore fact families.

The fun’s just beginning! In Arithmechicks Find Their Place, readers help solve a mystery in the big city—all while learning about the concept of ordinal numbers.

In Arithmechicks Explore More, the chicks learn about the math concepts of greater than, less than, and equal to on a hike in the forest. These heartwarming stories are delightful and prove one thing for certain—the more arithmechicks, the better!

Math Books in TOON Form

Don’t miss these math concepts from TOON Books, also wonderful for preschoolers!

Math Matters Stories

Discover the two new books in the Math Matters series. These books are fun stories with a real-life math connection—over 11 million Math Matters books have been sold worldwide! Each book in the Math Matters series combines a fun story with a single math concept. Youngsters in kindergarten through second grade, around 5-7 years old, will relate to the engaging characters and their kid-sized dilemmas. Activities at the back of each book support and extend reading and math skills.

More Math Concepts for Readers

For young mathematicians second grade and beyond, here are a few excellent choices! Think of The Brilliant Calculator as Hidden Figures meets Rosie Revere, Engineer in this STEM/STEAM biographical picture book about Edith Clarke, the innovator who solved an electrical mystery and built the first graphing calculator—from paper.

The Math Dictionary is the essential guide that will help math phobic kids become math lovers!

Learn all about more complex math concepts like fractals, Fibonacci numbers, and the elusive infinity with Sarah and Richard Campbell’s books for elementary school readers.