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Astra House Holiday Gift Guide - Best Books

The Astra House Holiday Gift Guide for Contemporary Literature Lovers

Books make great gifts—and each of the titles we highlight here will provide readers with new stories and fresh perspectives to discuss at holiday gatherings. For readers who yearn for... Read More

anticipated books 2022

Our Most-Anticipated Books of 2022

Astra Publishing House has a lot of great books coming in 2022. Here are our most anticipated book releases... Read More

Read a chapter of The Town of Babylon

Read an Excerpt of The Town of Babylon

Chapter 3: Italian Restaurants I am unsettled by the past. Not a generalized, conceptual, or theoretical past, but three very real and specific events. All of them, deaths. All murders,... Read More

Astra House 2021 Book Recommendations

What We’re Reading: Astra House 2021 Book Recommendations

Book recommendations from book lovers, for book lovers. See what the Astra House team loved reading this year... Read More

Best books to give 2021

Astra House Gift Guide

When you give a book as a gift, you’re giving a new perspective, an adventure, an invitation to visit new worlds! Astra House has a great gift book for every... Read More

Discover the World: Books in Translation

Reading literature in translation allows us to encounter and learn from stories from anywhere in the world without having to leave... Read More

Explore Astra House’s Upcoming Nonfiction

Astra House is starting 2022 off strong with the release of three new nonfiction books, all of which are expected to hit shelves in January... Read More

Explore Queer Voices with These New Books

Explore all Queer Voices have to offer with these new and upcoming releases from Astra House. A collection of poems that plumbs the depths... Read More

Becoming Abolitionists by Derecka Purnell

Behind the Book: Becoming Abolitionists

How did Becoming Abolitionists come to be? Astra House Editorial Director Alessandra Bastagli details how she and Derecka Purnell met and... Read More

Event Recap: Astra Publishing House at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Astra House booth to greet us at the 2021 Brooklyn Book Festival. It was a beautiful day in Brooklyn... Read More