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HER SIDE OF THE STORY by Alba de Céspedes, Translated by Jill Foulston: A Reading Group Guide

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Praise for Her Side of the Story by Alba de Céspedes, Translated by Jill Foulston

“De Cespedes’ work has lost none of its subversive force”
—The New York Times Book Review

“Asks perennial questions about the value and dangers of an examined life.”
Lara Feigel, The Guardian

More about author Alba de Céspedes and Jill Foulston

Alba de Céspedes (1911–1997) was a bestselling Italian-Cuban feminist writer greatly influenced by the cultural developments that lead to and resulted from World War II. In 1935, she was jailed for her anti-fascist activities in Italy. Two of her novels were also banned—Nessuno Torna Indietro (1938) and La Fuga (1940). In 1943, she was again imprisoned for her assistance with Radio Partigiana in Bari, where she was a resistance radio personality known as Clorinda. After the war, she moved to Paris, where she lived until her death in 1997.

Jill Foulston is the translator of novels by Erri de Luca, Augusto de Angelis, and Piero Chiara.