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Creators’ Corner: Eliza Kinkz

Meet Eliza!

Eliza Kinkz is a Tejana artist who illustrated Papa’s Magical Water-Jug Clock, written by comedian Jesús Trejo. The book is a hilarious day in the life of Little Jesús and his Papá, who are going to spend a Saturday together working the “family business”…. only for lots of mischief to ensue.

Eliza lives in Austin, Texas, and has worked on TV shows, music videos, and most happily on her own award-winning animated films. And be sure not to miss the next installment of the adventures of Little Jesús in Mamá’s Magnificent Dancing Plantitas (coming Fall 2024).

Some of Eliza’s Favorite Things

“AHHHHHHH I’m so in love with this Tortillero, which is in collaboration with Nixta Taqueria who are a pillar of preserving cultura + raza in our Austin Community.  As they would say, this is for holding many a Bomb. Corn. Tortilla.”

“A good angular wash brush with a short handle!  I love thems sooooooooo….as you can go from big wash to tiny details.  I’m definitely full on RAPID ENERGY with my painting style, and these really allow me to vary strokes without stopping.  PLUS THEY ARE ASKEW which is so  Kinkz.”

“So I’m obsessed with the Advent Calendar Dandelion Chocolate releases every year, but CAN NOT BRING MYSELF TO BUY ONE as I’m too $sticker$ shocked.  Honestly I love all advent calendars…just the idea of spreading out gifts over an entire month seems so fun. More GIFTS! MORE GIFTS! MORE GIFTS!!!”

MY FAVORITE MAGAZINE!  I love the interviews, recipes, and photos.  Plus proceeds go to providing consistent meals for those experiencing homelessness at Camp Esperanza in Austin.”

“Everything IN THE WORLD gives me a rash except this deodorant.  So my real gift to the world is not my humor, but the fact that I’m wearing deodorant again.  ALSO, my beautiful Editor Maria Russo gifted this to me and I couldn’t be more grateful…although I now question HOW STINKY WAS I ?!??!”