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Creators’ Corner: Lauren Paige Conrad

Meet Lauren!

Lauren Paige Conrad, who is based in Asheville, North Carolina, has a background in fashion, textiles, and illustrations. She works in cut paper, gouache, colored pencil, and Neocolor crayon, all of which come to vibrant life in her picture book This Is a Window, where the power of children’s imaginations takes center stage. In a story told through rhyme and collage, a group of kids build an entire make-believe world–all in their homes!

Below, Lauren shares some of the things that spark inspiration and joy, both literally and creatively. (Get to know more about Lauren here, and follow her creative journey on Instagram.)

Some of Lauren’s Favorite Things

“I love nothing more than animals. Petting animals, waving to animals, being surrounded by animals. And no one draws animals better than Mogu Takahashi. Luckily, the Fine Little Day shop has lots of her work in big glorious posters. (Along with lots of other amazing artists and illustrators). This perfect duo lives in my dining room/studio for daily company.”

“A friend introduced this Jones Road Hippie Stick to me last time we were camping and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s a catch-all balm, smells AMAZING (this coming in from an unscented diehard) and it functions like a push-up pop. Check check check.”

East Fork’s pottery is divine to hold, to scoop out of, and yes, to even wash. It’s hefty, it’s smooth, it’s made by a beautiful company here in Asheville who pays a living wage and supports our community. I use the everyday bowl every chance I get, because everything is better in a bowl and this particular bowl’s shape is everything. 

“If you see me in the aisles of Trader Joe’s, you’ll see at least 5 of these Greek Yogurt tubs in my arms. It’s so smooth in texture, practically whipped. It’s sweet (without any actual sugar) and a little tangy. And it quite literally beats out any other Greek yogurt I’ve tried. .”

“A little bit robe, a little bit artist smock this Jenny Pennywood Work/Play Jacket is perfect with my otherwise very basic wardrobe. All of her textiles are dyed, printed and sewn in small batches in California and her color-grouping-abilities are those to aspire to. (As illustrated by these napkin sets she curates.)”

“If you find yourself in Western North Carolina, and only have enough time for one hike (although that’s definitely not enough) make it the Art Loeb Trail. It starts with a meander through a forest, climbs up some rock, and puts you atop a mountain with 360 degree views and a meadow you can frolic in. Keep going though, there are multiple peak stops and it just keeps getting better.”