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It’s Time for Summer Reading!

Summer is a time to relax, rest… and read! Get your kids off their screens and make it a summer to remember with these books. Featuring great stories, engaging topics, and laugh-out-loud humor, these books for elementary aged kids are just what they need to stay sharp all summer long. Take these books and activities with you on your road trip, on the plane, or just out in the backyard.

Best friends Duck and Cat have a problem—Cat makes Duck sneeze! “I think—achoo!—I’m allergic to you,” Duck declares. Hilarity ensues as Cat keeps trying to solve the problem—but Duck keeps sneezing! Is Duck really allergic to Cat or is something else going on?

Kid seeks dog. Dog seeks kid. In this charming and imaginative tale of friendship, picture book readers will delight in what it means to have a furry best friend.

Got a kid who likes to cook? Introduce them to Fannie Farmer, America’s most famous cooking teacher, discovers that precise measurements are a recipe for cooking success in this STEAM picture book that includes two of her classic recipes.

In this companion to the laugh-out-loud How to Draw a Happy Cat, follow the narrator’s simple instructions for drawing a chicken…But wait. Where did our chicken go? Oh, she’s hiding! With some, um, help from the manic narrator (and encouragement from little artists) this is one chicken that might end up a little bit braver.

Discover how both outdoor and indoor farms sustainably grow the food we eat throughout the year in this vibrant, rhyming picture book.

This heartwarming story of a little girl’s bond with her great-grandma, who tells the silliest, most magical stories, celebrates four generations of a Jewish family who come together for Shabbat.

Perfect for ages 4-8, with adorable art in pinks and grays, Itty Bitty Betty Blob will make even the grumpiest monsters giggle! A positive message makes it extra special: “You don’t have to try so hard to be like everyone else, being yourself is enough!”

This fascinating look at thirteen unusual animals, many of them rare or endangered, introduces the remarkable world of monotypic animals—those without any close relatives.

This picture book for young readers is a tour of the human body revealing the wonders of how it all works — with some astonishing numbers and fascinating facts along the way.

Three sweet mermaid friends sing their blessings to sea creatures everywhere in this one-of-a-kind book that honors the denizens of the sea and brims with a gentle spirit of kindness and environmental awareness.

Also available in Spanish!

Classic Latin American folktales get an update in this new collection by celebrated author Liniers, who brings his exuberant cartooning style and irrepressible sense of humor to the spooky folktales of his childhood.

Welcome to the world of Lauren Paige Conrad! Explore bouncing rhymes and collage-like illustrations as her busy, bustling characters build an entire make-believe world…all in their own homes.

How did the Joshua Tree National Park in California come to be? Meet Minerva Hamilton Hoyt, an artist, activist, and environmentalist, whose determination saved the desert and helped to create the park, in this STEAM picture book.