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Published by (2022-10-11)

Astra Magazine is a brand new international literary magazine, an emerging must-read for anyone interested in the best new literature from around the world.

Astra Magazine connects readers and writers from around the world - New York to Mexico City, Lagos to Berlin, Copenhagen to Singapore and beyond. We want to bring about a new, borderless, and vital mode of reading. Astra is a magazine for our new moment, bringing us together while, the world over, we create new language for ourselves.

Issue Number 2: Filth is dedicated to the dirty and the lowly, to the beautiful as well as the abject. Filth is a term that encompasses everything from actual trash to cultural garbage, the foetid, the foul and the pestilent and ranges into obscenity, smut and shame. This issue will explore the splendor in squalor and the pleasure in pain. Featuring thrilling and original new fiction, poetry, essays, art, and comics from writers and arists around the world. 

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Format: Trade Paperback
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Published: 2022-10-11
ISBN: 9781662619014
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Astra is like a gorgeously curated jewel-box you can’t wait to unpack. Inside is one marvel after another: living, breathing works of art and literature, some rendered in sparkling and loving translation, all overflowing with life and thought and consciousness of a shared moment in a world that has never felt smaller or more rich. There is no other magazine like this.”
— ELIF BATUMAN, Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of The Possessed, The Idiot, and the forthcoming novel, Either/Or.

“Destined to shine brightly in the literary firmament, Astra Magazine is here to remind us that we should always read and write with a joyful disregard for borders of any kind.”
— HERNAN DIAZ, Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of In the Distance and Trust

"Astra is the magazine we need right now. It’s full of stunning work from a broad range of voices, a magazine both intimate and universal, in the way all good writing is."
— NATHAN ENGLANDER, Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of For the Relief of Unbearable Urges and What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank

“As a writer whose work is often difficult to classify, I am attracted to Astra Magazine’s agenda of publishing writers who exist in the ”inter,” whose writing defies neat categorization. The debut ”Ecstasy” issue is stirring in its international orientation & ambitious in its scope and content. ”
— LAURA LINDSTEDT, Finlandia Prize winning author of Oneiron and My Friend Natalia

Astra Magazine is vital. As an American citizen born outside the US, I am especially attracted to their idea of publishing writing that rejects borders, and that a writer should not, can not, represent an entire country. The first issue allows space for each extraordinary writer to speak only for themselves.”
— IMBOLO MBUE, Bestselling author of Behold the Dreamers and How Beautiful We Were