Blood of the Emperor By Tracy Hickman

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ISBN: 9780756407728


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From the New York Times bestselling co-author of the Dragonlance novels comes the stunning conclusion to The Annals of Drakis.

In the thrilling conclusion to The Annals of Drakis, the ancient prophecy of Drakis—the human warrior who will lead all the races conquered and enslaved by the elves of the Rhonas Empire to freedom—is on the brink of being fulfilled. The elves have ruled their vast Empire for centuries, thanks to both their well-trained Legions and their complete control of the Aether—the mystical substance that fuels their magic. But there is now a growing rebel army threatening to overrun their territory. It is an army able to draw on magic of its own, an army allied with dragons, an army marching under the banner of Drakis.
With the elves gathering their Legions to destroy the entire rebel force and all the pilgrims that have flocked to Drakis’ encampment, there can be no turning back for either side.
Still, desperate to avert disaster, Drakis has conceived a plan that he hopes will provide a haven for pilgrims and put an end to the war. But when he sends his fellow dragon-riders out to contact his scattered forces and potential allies, Drakis is unaware that almost all of them have hidden agendas of their own.
Now both sides are mobilizing for their final campaign, a battle that could not only bring down the Rhonas Empire, but Drakis and his entire world as well.

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Published: 2013-06-04
ISBN: 9780756407728
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“Hickman writes with authority, masterfully and flawlessly.” — Sacramento Book Review (for Annals of Drakis series)

“Hickman creates memorable characters and realms of immense richness, while holding the reader enthralled with exhilarating action.” — Publishers Weekly (for Annals of Drakis series)

“A fantastic series.... [Hickman’s] world and characters come alive.” — Night Owl Reviews (for Annals of Drakis series)

“What epic fantasy is all about.” — Alternative Worlds (for Annals of Drakis series)