Full Speed Ahead! By Louise Borden

Full Speed Ahead!

America's First Admiral: David Glasgow Farragut


Published by (2021-11-02)

Discover the man behind everyone's favorite call to action, "Full speed ahead!" in this inspiring and engaging biography about the first Admiral of the United States Navy, David Glasgow Farragut.

At the age of nine, David Glasgow Farragut was appointed a midshipman in the US Navy by President James Madison. It was the start of a celebrated career. Farragut sailed aboard ships along the Delaware River, in the Caribbean, and across the Atlantic Ocean, even rounding the tip of South America, all while rising through the naval ranks from midshipman to admiral. When the Civil War began, Captain Farragut dedicated his life to protecting the United States as it was being torn in two. When President Lincoln asked him to capture New Orleans, the city Farragut once called home, and later to take Mobile Bay, the officer had only one order for his fleet: Full speed ahead! Noted nonfiction writer Louise Borden's in-depth research uncovers a man dedicated to his country -- a man who earned the title of America's first admiral.

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Format: eBook
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Published: 2021-11-02
ISBN: 9781635924640
Page Count: 224
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"Discover the true story behind the man who coined the phrase full speed ahead...Boasting maps, portraits, and some solid narrative verse, the book will be of interest to kids passionate about 19th-century naval warfare...(and) is a helpful resource for educators and librarians looking to fill out their Civil War collections....ably describes one man’s contribution to U.S. naval history."—Kirkus Reviews

"Borden’s free-verse text reads quickly and smoothly, drawing readers into [David] Farragut’s story...The use of quotes within the narrative is quite effective, and the illustrations, showcased in a handsome, large-format volume, include portraits, paintings of ships at sea, documents, and photos...A well-researched biographical account of remarkable man."Booklist