Héroes afroamericanos del lejano Oeste (Black Heroes of the Wild West) By James Otis Smith

Héroes afroamericanos del lejano Oeste (Black Heroes of the Wild West)

Protagonistas: Diligencia Mary, Bass Reeves y Bob Lemmons

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ISBN: 9781662665592


Published by (2025-02-04)

Exploring American history and finding diversity at its roots—now in SPANISH!

Now available in an affordable Spanish paperback edition, this award-winning graphic novel by James Otis Smith stars three real-life Black heroes who took control of their destinies and stood up for their communities in the Old West. Meet Mary Fields, born into slavery in Tennessee before she became famous as “Stagecoach Mary,” a cigar-chomping, card-playing coach driver who never missed a delivery; Bass Reeves, the first Black deputy US marshal west of the Mississippi, one of the wiliest lawmen in the territories, bringing thousands of outlaws to justice with his smarts; and Bob Lemmons, who was so good with horses that the wild mustangs on the plains of Texas took him for one of their own and who lived to be 99 years old. This graphic novel has won numerous accolades, including the TLA Little Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List, the ALA Best Graphic Novels for Children Reading List, and a  Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) Great Graphic Novels for Teens.

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Published: 2025-02-04
ISBN: 9781662665592
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