Seed, Soil, Sun By Cris Peterson; Photographs by David R. Lundquist

Seed, Soil, Sun

Earth's Recipe for Food

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ISBN: 9781629792200


Published by (2014-09-29)

Seed, Soil, Sun. With these simple ingredients, nature creates our food. Once again, noted author Cris Peterson brings both wonder and clarity to the subject of agriculture, celebrating the cycle of growth, harvest, and renewal. Using the corn plant as an example, she takes the reader through the story of germination and growth of a tiny corn seed into a giant plant reaching high into the air, with roots extending over six feet into the ground. This American Farm Bureau Foundation's Agriculture Book of the Year also discusses the make-up of soil and the amazing creatures who live there—from microscopic one-celled bacteria to moles, amoebas, and earthworms. David Lundquist's stunning photographs bring an immediacy and vibrancy to the seemingly miraculous process.

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Published: 2014-09-29
ISBN: 9781629792200
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"A sturdy addition for its graceful language and cheery pictures." --Kirkus Reviews

"A standout in a widely covered field." --School Library Journal

"A wonderful resource for science classes studying plants or farms of food, this volume makes the cycle of growth readily understandable. Bibliography." --Library Media Connection