Shape Me a Rhyme By Jane Yolen; Photographs by Jason Stemple

Shape Me a Rhyme

Nature's Forms in Poetry

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ISBN: 9781620917916


Published by (2015-03-03)

In this unusual collection, poems and photographs focus on shapes in nature. Some shapes are found in familiar places: A circle is the sun and a crescent is the moon. But there are imaginative surprises too: an alligator's tooth is a triangle and a frond's shadow forms a square. Related shape words—round, halo, sphere, etc.—are scattered throughout the spreads. This collaboration captures the beauty of shapes in nature in a playful way.

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Format: Trade Paperback
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Published: 2015-03-03
ISBN: 9781620917916
Page Count: 32
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Another foray in an extremely engaging series. These titles are beautifully designed, displaying eye-catching photography and inventive use of typography and placement. . . . Very enjoyable, and allows for much exploration.' —Kirkus Reviews

There's much to consider in each image, and language-arts teachers will relish this book's ability to jump-start student creativity.' —School Library Journal