Solomon and the Ant By Retold by Sheldon Oberman; Introduction by Peninnah Schram

Solomon and the Ant

And Other Jewish Folktales

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A treasure trove of forty-three religious, wisdom, riddle, and trickster Jewish folktales that have been told near the hearth, at the table, and in the synagogue for centuries. Sheldon Oberman, a master storyteller, retells the tales with simplicity and grace, making them perfect for performing and reading aloud. Peninnah Schram, herself an acclaimed storyteller and folklorist, provides lively notes and commentary that examine the meaning of each tale and its place in history.

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Published: 2014-09-12
ISBN: 9781629792910
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"The stories, wonderful for storytelling and sharing, are accessible even to listeners younger than the target audience, and the notes and commentary will provide older children with context and history." --Booklist

"A gold mine for storytellers and educators alike." --School Library Journal

"Storytellers, librarians, teachers, parents, writers, and illustrators - rejoice! . . . In an introduction that alone is worth the price of the book, Peninnah Schram discusses the characteristics of Jewish folklore and calls this book, Oberman's last one, his legacy. Everything that a collection of folklore should have is here. Before each story, there are brief introductory remarks that supply background, historical setting, or thematic content. The stories themselves are fairly short, from a paragraph to a few pages, and they beg to be told to children. . . . Following each story is a note by Oberman, additional commentary written by Schram, plus sources and variants, and motif numbers from the Israel Folktale Archives (IFA). These sections are invaluable resources for adults, whose understanding of each story and Jewish folklore in general will be increased by reading them. . . . The fact that many of these stories have not been retold and illustrated for children should be an inspiration to writers and illustrators! . . . This book is [Oberman's] crowning achievement and indeed, a legacy to everyone who cherishes Jewish stories." --Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter