Sword-Born By Jennifer Roberson

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ISBN: 9781101643143


Published by (1999-03-01)

The fifth book in the Sword-Dancer saga continues the legendary adventures of Tiger and Del, magic wielders and skilled warriors

In the three years since Tiger and Del’s fateful meeting, these mismatched companions have become true partners, their alliance forged by blood, magic, danger, adventure…and something more.

Exiled from both the North and the South, the two have now set sail to search for Tiger’s homeland—but no journey is ever without complications for Tiger and Del. Shipwrecked, nearly drowned, abducted by pirates, bedeviled by magic, the Southron sword-dancer and the Northern sword-singer finally do arrive at their destination.

But before the mystery of his origins can be solved, Tiger must face another truth about himself that may prove more dangerous than any sword-dance. His own personal brand of magic, long denied by Tiger, is manifesting. And because of its very uniqueness, Tigers awakening power may prove his undoing!

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Format: eBook
Price: 7.99 USD / 8.99 CAD
Published: 1999-03-01
ISBN: 9781101643143
Page Count: 432

Praise for Sword-Born:

“Jennifer Roberson has such confidence in this series and such knowledge of her characters that she is in the position many story tellers would envy…. A fascinating fantasy novel that works on many levels at once.” —Barnes & Noble Explorations

“The best part is the interplay between the two main characters, who are one of the best teams in all fantasy fiction…. Good news for all fans of good heroic fantasy adventure.” —Science Fiction Chronicle

“Not only a welcome continuation of the adventures of an engaging pair of heroes, but a solid introduction to first-time readers. A good choice for fantasy collections.” —Library Journal

One of the best treats of the year…. Writing with snappy wit, Ms. Roberson has the happy knack of continuing to reveal new and intriguing aspects of her appealing warrior couple.” —Romantic Times

“Jennifer Roberson’s previous and well-noted accomplishments are surpassed with this delightful, thoughtful, and entertaining segment in the lives of Del and Tiger…. The incredibly descriptive dialogue pulls the reader into the story on the first page, holds your interest until the final word, and leaves you wanting more.” —Painted Rock Reviews

“Any time spent with Del and Tiger is a pleasure. Jennifer Roberson handles her characters with a light touch.” —Starlog