The Bridge By Eva Lindström

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ISBN: 9781662620492


Published by (2023-08-15)

The Bridge is so many things at once. It is very funny, it is very mysterious, it is very beautiful, and it is like no book I’ve ever seen. I love it very much.” —Jon Klassen

From beloved Swedish children’s author-illustrator Eva Lindström, The Bridge is the story of two wolves, one pig, and a bridge—and what it means to embrace the absurd twists and turns that life sometimes has in store. Perfect for fans of the down-to-earth charm and wisdom of William Steig and the sly wit of Jon Klassen.

A pig drives by looking for a bridge but ends up the houseguest of two wolves in the woods. Who are they? What do they want? And where is the pig rushing off to, anyway? Written and illustrated in Lindström’s laconic, razor-sharp, and darkly comical style, The Bridge marks the US debut of one of the world's most celebrated picture book creators. Young readers and parents alike will savor the mysteries of this droll, fast-paced, and ever-so-slightly-sinister story in which, as in a classic fairy tale, an ordinary chance encounter suddenly morphs into an adventure that feels both wildly improbable and true to life.

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Published: 2023-08-15
ISBN: 9781662620492
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The Bridge gets deeper and weirder and better every time I read it. It’s like a fantastic trap. It seems impossible that Eva Lindström's storytelling could be as good as her artwork, but it is. I’m so glad she’s out there.” —Jon Klassen

“The first time I read The Bridge I laughed all the way through and then on the last page I made a different kind of laugh/yelling noise. I’ve read it many times since and it only gets better and more impressive. I love it.” —Jon Klassen

“Translated from the original Swedish, with off-kilter and perspective-warped illustrations done in a pale wash of gouache and watercolor, this book is entirely original and unique. The text itself is straightforward and simple with an undercurrent of dry humor, but there are strategic and deliberate hints of violence painted ominously into the backgrounds...that give the story an unsettling feeling throughout. That, combined with the eerie, mic-drop ending, makes it feel somewhat like a Christopher Nolan film for kids in a 36-page picture-book format.”  —Booklist

"A slow-paced cozy adventure...A book that opens like a fairy tale and ends more like an existential question, this is recommended as an additional purchase, for its poetic setting and pacing." —School Library Journal

“It’s rare that one encounters something as simultaneously comforting and unnerving as The Bridge. Lindström’s tale is clearly for the child unafraid to speculate multiple theories about its surprise ending. A twisty, cozy concoction.” —Betsy Bird, influential blogger at Fuse #8 and collection development manager, Evanston (IL) Public Library

“Lindström’s naïve gouache illustrations carry readers through a strange, mostly empty world seemingly fraught with danger...Enigmatic.”  —Kirkus Reviews

“Suspenseful...”  —Publishers Weekly