ISBN: 9781662650895


Published by (2022-09-13)

From acclaimed author-illustrator Dan Yaccarino comes an exhilarating adventure—set in a richly imagined alternate future—celebrating the power of reading and family, perfect for fans of The Rock From the Sky.

K lives with her family in a city where people rarely talk or play together, and no longer read books. Instead, they stare at small portable screens, monitored by giant eyeballs called Helpers. The Helpers, well, they help! With everything. Lonely and frustrated, K would like to do things for herself. Running from a Helper, she discovers another world: the City Under the City. There, she befriends a rat who leads her to a library and teaches her to read. As she explores the abandoned city, she’s thrilled to learn about the people who lived there, with no Helpers. But she misses her family, and decides to head home, where, just maybe, she can help defeat the intrusive Helpers—and show her people how to read and enjoy each other’s company. Told through Dan Yaccarino’s stunning graphic style, this page-turning picture book/early reader crossover will spark a new appreciation of reading, books, independence, friendship, and family.

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Format: Hardcover
Price: 17.99 USD / 23.99 CAD
Published: 2022-09-13
ISBN: 9781662650895
Page Count: 66
Trim Size: 7 x 9