The Mirror Prince By Violette Malan

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ISBN: 9780756404239


Published by (2007-08-07)

Max Ravenhill was perfectly happy with his life as a history professor until he met Cassandra. Told that he was more than a thousand years old and had known Cassandra and her fellow Wardens all that time, that his life as Max was pure fiction implanted in his mind, and that he was being pursued by the Hunt and his only chance for survival was to flee to the realm of Faerie, Max can only assume that Cassandra is crazy-or he is. But soon it becomes all too clear that at least part of what she says is true. And unless he goes with her, he won't live long enough to separate the truth from the lies.

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Format: Paperback
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Published: 2007-08-07
ISBN: 9780756404239
Page Count: 384
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