The Reason for the Seasons By Ellie Peterson

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ISBN: 9781635921366


Published by (2020-02-11)

We all know there are four seasons in a year. But HOW do we know? Join intrepid young scientist-adventurer Joulia Copernicus on a journey around the world as she explains with humor and wit how we know what causes the seasons.

Winter, spring, summer, fall -- we all have a favorite season. But what makes the seasons happen in the first place? Ellie Peterson's clear, concise language and bold, kid-friendly illustrations bring science to life through narrator Joulia Copernicus, a strong and adventurous kid scientist. Kids will laugh while learning at the same time about the science behind the changing of the seasons throughout the year.

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Format: Hardcover
Price: 17.99 USD / 23.99 CAD
Published: 2020-02-11
ISBN: 9781635921366
Page Count: 40

★ "Seasons happen everywhere on the Earth, but the reason they occur may not be as obvious as it seems. (Scientist) Joulia... determines that there is more to the seasons than first meets the eye. Oversize pages and vibrant illustrations immediately draw readers into the narrative... (and) the text is written in a way that is easily accessible to elementary school–age readers. Just as a real scientist questions the assumptions of the world, Joulia gets to the bottom of the question of the seasons in an enjoyable and educational way. This book will help elementary school students better understand one of the most widely recognized aspects of space science." — School Library Journal, starred review 

"Joulia Copernicus, a young scientist in a white lab coat and safety goggles, returns to help readers learn why seasons exist. The (book's) logical structure starts with misconceptions and moves toward understanding, but it is the full-color illustrations, bristling with fun details pertaining to the seasons and anthropomorphic planetary bodies, that make this book stand out. Joulia's obvious enthusiasm, accessible language, and the use of sequential visual formats actively involve kids in thinking about scientific concepts. A breezy, information-packed, visually attractive explanation of an important elementary school science topic." — Kirkus Reviews

"Scientist Joulia Copernicus takes readers around the world and into space to explain why we have seasons on Earth. Fun, expressive illustrations depict Joulia taking an active part in learning as she explains how Earth’s tilt would look in space, the effects it has on different parts of the globe, and how misconceptions about Earth’s seasons came to be. Readers will find Joulia’s love and excitement for science contagious and might even find ideas for science fair projects as a result. An excellent and accessible introduction to the science behind Earth’s seasons." — Booklist