The Sleeping God By Violette Malan

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ISBN: 9780756419417


Published by (2023-12-26)

Dhulyn Wolfshead and Parno Lionsmane are members of the Mercenary Guild, both veterans of numerous battles and missions, each a master of martial arts. And more than that, Dhulyn and Parno are Partners, a Mercenary bond that can only be broken by one or both of their deaths. Their past lives are supposed to be irrelevant, but Dhulyn and Parno have histories and secrets that may make all the difference between success and failure in the mission that awaits them...

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Format: Trade Paperback
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Published: 2023-12-26
ISBN: 9780756419417
Page Count: 448
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"Combining classic heroic fantasy with a metaphysical twist, Malan introduces the Mercenary Brotherhood and two of its most fascinating members: Dhulyn Wolfshead, a psychically gifted former slave, and Parno Lionsmane, a rugged exiled nobleman...with abundant swordplay and a strong, entertaining partnership." —Publishers Weekly

"The author of The Mirror Prince launches a new series of high fantasy and adventure with a hero and heroine cursed with secrets and blessed with natural and magical talents, wit, and bravery." —Library Journal

"The highly talented Dhulyn and Parno are great fun to watch as they wade through their adventures." —Locus

"Violette Malan's The Sleeping God is really, really good.... There's a wonderful bit of world-building here, and lots of sword fighting. There's love, poison, and fully drawn characters, both good and bad and in-between. Malan's written a classic fantasy novel that manages to be fresh and compelling. I highly recommend The Sleeping God." —Charlaine Harris

"Well-rounded characters both male and female! Derring-do! Heroic (maybe-not-quite) last stands! Come one, come all...." —