The Transformer Trilogy By M. A. Foster

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ISBN: 9781101153840


Published by (2006-11-07)

The classic science fiction trilogy in an omnibus edition.
Back in print after two decades!

To the totalitarian state of Oerlikon, change is the most fearsome enemy. So a secret weapon was created to preserve the status quo-the Morphodite. A bioengineered and laboratory-raised super assassin, the Morphodite was designed to scent out and destroy subversive conspiracies. A unique being, it can change its sex, identity, and even its genetic code as a defense. But its creators did not foresee that this untraceable, powerful assassin would morph into a true revolutionary hero-that would turn against the police state that created it.

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Format: eBook
Price: 13.99 CAD / 12.99 USD
Published: 2006-11-07
ISBN: 9781101153840
Page Count: 624

"Strikingly original." - Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review
"Solid, well-written, thoughtful." - Locus
"Exciting...thought-provoking." - Voya
"Beautifully written space adventure." - Kliatt