The Western Wizard By Mickey Zucker Reichert

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ISBN: 9781101663882


Published by (1992-08-04)

Book two in the acclaimed, bestselling epic fantasy Renshai Trilogy—an intricate world of Norse mythology, slashing swordplay, and devastating sorcery.
When Odin breathed life into the mortal realms, he also created the Cardinal Wizards: the Northern Wizard as the representative of Good, the Southern as master of Evil, and the Western and Eastern as the keepers of the balance between Good and Evil, each neutral, both sharing the burden of holding their fellow magic wielders in check.
But now the days decreed in ancient prophecy have come upon the mortal realms. The Great War has been fought and a Renshai has proven its Champion.
Yet even as the war’s heroes struggle to place the rightful king of Bearn upon his throne, and the also true Renshai seeks to train a new generation of his warrior race, the word is carried forth on falcon’s wings that the Western Wizard is no more.
And unless Shadimar, the Wizard of the East, can find the one mortal with any hope of surviving the challenge of the Seven Tasks of Wizardry, the worlds of gods and mortals alike will fall....

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Published: 1992-08-04
ISBN: 9781101663882
Page Count: 640

Praise for the Renshai Trilogy:
“Readers who love sword-and-war type fantasy will keep turning the pages, spellbound.” —VOYA
Fascinating.... This epic fantasy encompasses the globe.” —Kliatt
“A very complex tale, with a slew of characters, but Reichert keeps the proceedings focused and the pace swift, despite the length. It’s an excellent read.” —Locus
“The size of the book (and Reichert’s growing skill) make it rich in incident, action, and folkloric expertise.” —The Chicago Tribune