Unnatural Issue By Mercedes Lackey

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Mercedes Lackey's magical Elemental Masters series recasts familiar fairy tales in a richly-imagined alternate Victorian world

Susanne Whitestone, an Earth Master magician, had always lived in Whitestone Manor and liked nothing more than to keep the land itself and its animal inhabitants thriving. For the last eleven years, she has had a special teacher in the forest—a powerful fae known only as Robin. Susanne, at twenty-one, doubted any mortal Earth Master could find fault with the practices that Robin taught her.

But though Susanne was her father’s only child, she had never set eyes on him, for Richard Whitestone lived as a recluse in a sectioned off wing of the manor. Richard Whitestone was also an Earth Master, but since his beloved wife’s death in childbirth, he had lived a kind of half-life. He hated even the thought of the child who had ended his wife’s life. His own life had withered, and as he had grown bitter, and blighted, so had everything he could see from his windows—the once-beautiful private garden was now as stark and wizened as his heart. 

But as the years passed, Richard found that there was one thing that gave him solace—the thought, an obsession, that he could bring his Rebecca back to life through necromancy. He would need an appropriate vessel for her spirit, a young woman, preferably one who looked like she did and was approximately the same age that Rebecca has been at the time of her death—twenty-one....and Susanne was the image of her mother.

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Published: 2011-06-07
ISBN: 9781101515952
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Raves for Unnatural Issue:

"Set in an alternate England on the ve of World War I, the latest addition to Lackey's 'Elemenal Masters' series features a strong female protagonist in search of her true calling and a sophisticated nobleman who discovers that there is more to life than magic. Verdict: historical fantasy and gothic romance combine beautifully in this fantasy adventure from the author of the popular Valdemar novels." 
Library Journal

"Lackey has delivered another fine entry into the Elemental Masters series with this take of an abandoned child suddenly thrust into the center of a very class conscious London at the start of WWI. Readers cannot help but admire Susanne's pluck, determination, and desire to do right while building a new life and experiencing her first serious crush. The storyline and subplots are smoothly woven together and as usual, Lackey's character development is delightful. The climax offers a small surprise as assistance comes not from a magical source but from something even scarier." 
Monsters & Critics

"All in fairy-tale tradition....It's grim fun, with some nice historical detail, and just a hint of romance to help lighten things."