You Make Me Sneeze! By Sharon G. Flake; Illustrated by Anna Raff

ISBN: 9781662620201


Published by (2024-02-20)

Perfect for fans of Mo Willems and Jon Klassen, award-winning author Sharon G. Flake’s story about a very serious cat and a very silly duck will inspire giggles with every reading.

Best friends Duck and Cat have a problem—Cat makes Duck sneeze! “I think—achoo!—I’m allergic to you,” Duck declares. Hilarity ensues as Cat keeps trying to solve the problem—but Duck keeps sneezing! Is Duck really allergic to Cat or is something else going on? 

Written completely in dialogue, this text is fun to read aloud and easy enough for newly independent readers to enjoy on their own. Humorous illustrations highlight the characters' personalities, emphasizing Duck's quirky humor and Cat's earnestness. This dynamic duo will charm readers as the sly friendship tale keeps them laughing.

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Format: eBook
Price: 11.99 USD / 24.99 CAD
Published: 2024-02-20
ISBN: 9781662620201
Page Count: 40
Trim Size: 9 x 9

"Told entirely in dialogue using color-coded speech bubbles, this is the tale of a dynamic duo whose friendship is full of silly bickering, consternation, and smiles....Readers who enjoyed You Are Not a Cat! (2016) will be pleased to see more from this pair. Comparable to a series about a famous elephant and pig...this is a close second." —Kirkus Reviews

"The creators’ comic follow-up to You Are Not a Cat! finds pals Cat and Duck in a touchy quandary...Digitally assembled ink, pen, and pencil illustrations by Raff contrast the sylvan setting—depicted in soft textures, grassy tones, and simple shapes—with the characters’ escalating, and very sibling-like, interplay." —Publishers Weekly

"Raff’s illustrations are soft but colorful, filled with movement and speech bubbles interspersed with Duck’s numerous achoos.... children (will) enjoy the colorful illustrations along with the actions and discussions the two friends share." —Booklist