Ghosts of Ordinary Objects

In this trilogy of supernatural historical mysteries, twelve-year-old Bone possesses a Gift that allows her to see the stories in everyday objects. In each book, Bone uses her Gift to help solve a mystery and in the course of the tale learns more about her Gift, more about the schisms in her family, and more about herself. Angie Smibert weaves together history, Appalachian folklore, and the theme of the importance of stories to capture the heart of this Virginia coal-mining town and of its richly developed characters.   In BONE’S GIFT, Bone seeks to learn if the Gift killed her mother, as an anonymous note suggests, or if she really died of influenza, as Bone has always been told.   In LINGERING ECHOES, as her best friend Will begins working in the mines, Bone tries to figure out why he lost his voice suddenly at age five, when his father died in a mining accident—was it just shock and grief that silenced him or is more involved?   In THE TRUCE, when a man dies in a mining accident, Bone works to prove that it’s not her beloved Uncle Ash, and she uncovers secrets in her uncle’s past along the way.