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10 Stellar Children’s Book about Outer Space!

You’ll be over the moon for these stellar picture books! From biographies of famous space pioneers to a look at Mars rovers—this collection is truly out of this world.

Astronaut Training by Aneta Cruz, illustrated by Olivia Aserr

Astrid is training to go to space! But as she builds her shuttle, cooks astronaut food, and practices floating in zero gravity, she realizes that she needs to hone her astronaut skills. Her supportive Dad helps her and together they get ready to blast off!

Good Night, Oppy! by James McGowan, illustrated by Graham Carter

Mixing humor with solid space and rover facts, this picture book gives an inside look into Opportunity’s time on Mars . . . from joyriding on Olympus Mons, to racing away from a treacherous dust storm, Oppy’s adventure in space—combined with her grit and perseverance—will inspire and educate young readers of all ages.

Blast Off!: How Mary Sherman Morgan Fueled America into Space by Suzanne Slade, illustrated by Sally W. Comport

You can’t get to space without rocket fuel! This is inspirational story of Mary Sherman, the world’s first female rocket scientist, who overcame gender barriers and many failures to invent a new formula for rocket fuel that could carry astronauts into space. . . with courage and perseverance, Mary’s hard work and calculations paid off, opening up a brand-new frontier for exploration.

Spooked!: How a Radio Broadcast and The War of the Worlds Sparked the 1938 Invasion of America by Gail Jarrow

This book for young readers isn’t exactly set in outer space, but it marks a truly out of this world experience . . . Spooked! explores in riveting detail the false panic created by the famous War of the Worlds radio broadcast by Orson Welles and his Mercury Theatre players from 1938.

Space Boy’s Adventures by Dian Curtis Regan, illustrated by Robert Neubecker

Using the spaceship that he built from a box in his backyard and a little imagination, Niko flies off into space with his robot, Radar, and his dog, Tag.

Science Solves It Series – Outer Space Collection

Could there be a science-based solution for these deep space mysteries?