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Small Business Saturday—A Few Indie Bookstore Shout-outs from DAW Authors and Staff!

We asked a few of our authors to share what they love about their local indie bookstore and here’s what they had to say.

Kristen Britain, author of the Green Rider series

Sherman’s is Maine’s oldest bookstore, and one of the top 10 oldest bookstores in the U.S. renowned for its welcoming staff and the ambiance of its squeaky floors. They are incredibly supportive of their local authors, and that’s pure gold.

Christopher Ruocchio, author of the Sun Eater series

 Quail Ridge Books is an institution in Raleigh, NC. They’ve been around for longer than I’ve been alive, and continue to be an absolute pillar of the community, hosting events with former presidents and superstars as well as humble local writers like myself. I’ve done a signing with them for every book I’ve ever put out, and will do for as long as they’ll have me. Located in North Hills, if you’re a reader and find yourself in Raleigh, this is one store not to miss.

Part bookstore, part coffee house, part bar, Beow’s Books & Brews only opened earlier this month, but with its warm atmosphere and affinity for Tolkien (and a second location planning to open next year), the future in Raleigh for science fiction and fantasy fans has never looked brighter, most especially for those in need of a drink!

Julie Czerneda, author of To Each This World, Night’s Edge series & more

Canada’s oldest SF and F bookstore and a key part of that community, Bakka-Phoenix has graciously hosted me for special launch events since the beginning of my career. Often in the store—often at conventions—always fabulous. A shout out to manager Becca for keeping the faith!

Lena Nguyen, author of We Have Always Been Here

Changing Hands was the bookstore that defined my childhood: I have so many fond and precious memories of spending hours browsing the shelves there, of lining up in anticipation of the latest book release or to meet a personal hero during one of the store’s many author events. Changing Hands is a literary safe haven, a place to find both best-sellers and the hidden treasures that are just waiting to spark something new, and it was an incredible honor to host my own book release in the very place that served as such a fount of inspiration throughout my life! 

John Wiswell, author of Someone You Can Build a Nest In

I’m a fan of Oblong Books in Millerton, NY. A few words about the Millerton shop: The staff is always thoughtful and willing to take time to help find the right book, and the space is cozy and radiates a love of stories.

Dan Stout, author of Titanshade and The Carter Archives

Gathering Volumes is special not because they have great books (though they do) and not because their staff recommendations are thoughtful and nuanced (though they are). What makes Gathering Volumes shine is their commitment to building a community of book lovers and storytellers. From their multiple book clubs to their support for local authors and events sponsoring young readers, Denise, Brian, and the entire Gathering Volumes staff are nurturing relationships between readers, writers, and the wider community.  

Sophie Balaban, author of the Sargassa series (forthcoming)

Here to shoutout Riffraff in Providence, RI. It’s an incredible local spot that curates rare titles, hosts tons of community events—trivia nights, open mic, book launches, etc—while also offering a cozy place to work and meet for coffee and cocktails.

Marjorie B. Kellogg, author of Glimmer and the Dragon Quartet Series

I’m naming two in my area of Delaware County, NY! There’s the successful and delightful Green Toad in Oneonta, NY—owner is Jim.  They’ve carried my books since Lear’s Daughters. In the other direction from me is an adorable new store in Delhi, NY, called The Lost Bookshop. The owner Emily put in an order for Glimmer practically the moment I introduced myself.  

AND a shout-out from our DAW marketing and publicity team!

Elias loves Carmichael’s in Lousiville, Kentucky, Erin adores Prairie Lights in Iowa City, Iowa, and Sarah is a huge fan of Tattered Cover outside Denver, Colorado.

DAW Staff

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