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For Immediate Release: A New High-Octane Romantic Space Heist Novella Trilogy from NY Times Bestselling Author Beth Revis

Acquisition Announcement Beth Revis

For Immediate Release

New York, NY (January 17, 2024): Announcing a new high-octane romantic space heist novella trilogy from NY Times bestselling author Beth Revis.

Book 1 of the trilogy, Full Speed to a Crash Landing (9780756419462, Aug 6, 2024) follows Ada Lamarr, space scavenger, grifter, and unreliable narrator as she crosses paths and battles wits with handsome government agent Rian White. Book 2, How to Steal the Galaxy (9780756419486, Dec 3, 2024) will also be published in the Fall 2024 season.

Beth Revis’s books are available in more than twenty languages around the world, and have been bestsellers and received starred reviews, including her breakout young adult trilogy ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, several books written in the Star Wars universe, and her 2023 YA novel, the New York Times bestselling Night of the Witch (co-written with Sara Raasch). 

Executive Editor Navah Wolfe says, “Full Speed to a Crash Landing is exactly the kind of book I love the most—phenomenally fun, snarky and smart, and packed with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end. Plus, it’s full of smoldering looks and hot, hot chemistry between two very intriguing characters. I read this book in a gulp, and immediately was hungry for more! This is delightful science fiction from a powerhouse author in the vein of Martha Wells and Becky Chambers, and we are absolutely thrilled to be publishing Beth’s first stand-alone adult science fiction on DAW’s list.”


Full Speed to a Crash Landing, Book 1 (9780756419462, Aug 6, 2024)

Ada Lamarr may have gotten to the spaceship wreck first, but looter’s rights won’t get her far

when she’s got a hole in the side of her ship, and her spacesuit is almost out of air. Fortunately for her, help arrives in the form of a government salvage crew—and while they reluctantly save her life and rescue her from certain death, they are not pleased to have an unexpected passenger along on their classified mission. 

Ada doesn’t mind—all that matters to her is enjoying their fine food and sweet, sweet oxygen—until Rian White, the government agent in charge, starts to suspect that there’s more to Ada than meets the eye. He’s not wrong—but he’s so pretty that Ada is perfectly happy to keep him paying attention to her—at least until she can complete the job she was sent to pull off. But as quick as Ada is, Rian might be quicker—and she may not be entirely sure who’s manipulating who until it’s too late…

Beth Revis is the author of more than a dozen novels and has books available in more than twenty languages. She’s been on the New York Times, USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly, and IndieNext bestseller lists with multiple books, and has been honored by awards from the Junior Library Guild, Kirkus, GoodReads, and more. You can read reviews of her work in various publications, including the LA Times, Seventeen, MTV, SyFy, and Entertainment Weekly. 

Beth Revis

Beth writes in both science fiction and fantasy. Her debut, a young adult trilogy beginning with Across the Universe, is a beloved classic, and she’s written multiple books for Star Wars, including The Princess and the Scoundrel. Her latest title, a co-written fantasy called Night of the Witch, spent six weeks on the bestseller list. 

A native of North Carolina, Beth is currently working on multiple more books for her eager fans. She lives in rural North Carolina with her son, husband, and dog.


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