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Build an Easter Basket Your Toddler Will Love (and You’ll Feel Great About) in 30 Minutes or Less

(updated March 6, 2024)

Why is it that those little plastic eggs never fit together properly? And how is it possible that you’re still finding pastel-colored candy wrappers in July? Skip all the plastic and junk this year and help the Easter Bunny out by building a basket your kids will love and you’ll feel great about.

1. Click through below to your favorite bookstore to order 3-6 delightful miniature hardcover or board books. Get them delivered, or run out and pick them up the next time you’re running errands. (5 minutes or less.)

2. Hit up a local thrift shop for a basket. There will be tons to choose from, and you’ll save yourself some money and feel great about the upcycling. While you’re there, you can look for plushies, toys, or other fun items to dress up the basket. You can also check out your local online “buy nothing” group for baskets, boxes, and fillers. (~10 minutes.)

3. Shred some colorful newspaper or advertisements from the recycle bin—if you can look for similar colors, you’ll be ahead of the game. This is super easy if you have a shredder, but if you don’t, try folding the paper in a fan shape and making little cuts to get a crinkle-cut effect. Alternatively: line the basket with a cloth napkin or soft towel. (~10 minutes.)

4. The best part of the Easter basket is the big reveal. Find a great hiding place, and leave a trail of clues your toddler can follow! (~5 minutes.)

Fill your little ones’ Easter Baskets with books you can read together! When you find a story that your toddler loves, you’ll be rewarded with grins, giggles, and the knowledge and confidence that you’re helping create a lifelong reader. Here are some of our favorites…

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