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6 Books for the Folklore & Fairytale Fans

March 17 – 23 marks Folktales & Fables week! Here are six recommendations for the fantasy-loving young readers in your life.

Folklore-Inspired Graphic Novels

Also available in Spanish!

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“Spine-tingling, enlightening, and fun.” Kirkus Reviews

Eisner Award winner Liniers brings his exuberant cartooning style and irrepressible sense of humor to the spooky folktales of his childhood, telling three from across Latin America. Combined with informative backmatter on their ecological, cultural, and historical background and a bibliography, these old stories will come alive for all young readers, from those who have grown up hearing them to those who are encountering them for the first time.

Also available in Spanish!

★ “A fresh take on the classic story [and] a visual delight.” 
Horn Book, starred review

Raised by a mean ogre of a father who eats his opponents for dinner, Blancaflor is often told not to show off her own considerable powers for fear of scaring off suitors. When a prince falls from the sky and wakes up in her lap, she is spellbound and moves heaven and earth to help the endearing, yet not so clever, young man, all while trying not to let him know. With their trademark magnificent brio, Nadja Spiegelman and Sergio García Sánchez update a classic tale extolling the strength and resourcefulness of women.

Also available in Spanish!

★ “Rousing tales, spirited artwork, and rich backmatter ensure that this slim graphic novel for kids becomes a rich resource for all caregivers, not just those of Latinx children.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

How would a kitchen maid fare against a seven-headed dragon? What happens when a woman marries a mouse? And what can a young man learn from a thousand leaf cutter ants? Famed Love and Rockets creator Jaime Hernandez asks these questions and more as he transforms beloved myths into bold, stunning, and utterly contemporary comics.

Favorites for the Fairytale Lovers

“If this isn’t the definitive edition of Hansel and Gretel, it’s absolutely necessary.” —The New York Times

The story of Hansel and Gretel has haunted Neil Gaiman since he was five. Now, he and acclaimed artist Lorenzo Mattotti present their own retelling of one of literature’s most enduring fairy tales. At a time when children face numerous stark realities—whether it be gun violence or climate change or war—this powerful new interpretation is a timely reminder that ignorance is not protection and dark things can be beaten.

The Bridge is so many things at once. It is very funny, it is very mysterious, it is very beautiful, and it is like no book I’ve ever seen. I love it very much.” —Jon Klassen

From beloved Swedish children’s author-illustrator Eva Lindström, The Bridge is a modern fairytale, the story of two wolves, one pig, and a bridge—and what it means to embrace the absurd twists and turns that life sometimes has in store. Perfect for fans of the down-to-earth charm and wisdom of William Steig and the sly wit of Jon Klassen.

What were all those fairy-tale characters thinking?

Jane Yolen and Rebecca Kai Dotlich answer this question in paired poems, with sometimes startling results. Grumbles from the Forest is a bewitching brew of voices—grumbling, pleading, bragging, reminiscing, confiding—that bubbles with magic and wonder. The spectacular paintings that tie the poems together are full of surprise and intrigue. This stunning collection includes end notes that briefly describe the tales and their history and an introduction that invites readers to imagine their own poems from unusual perspectives.