Hansel and Gretel By Neil Gaiman

Hansel and Gretel

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Published by (2023-08-01)

“Hansel and Gretel astonishes from start to finish . . .” —The New York Times

Bestselling author Neil Gaiman and fine artist Lorenzo Mattotti join forces to create Hansel and Gretel, a stunning book that's at once as familiar as a dream and as evocative as a nightmare. Mattotti's sweeping ink illustrations capture the terror and longing found in the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Gaiman crafts an original text filled with his signature wit and pathos that is sure to become a favorite of readers everywhere, young and old.

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Published: 2023-08-01
ISBN: 9781662665042
Page Count: 52
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* "If this isn't the definitive edition of Hansel and Gretel, it's absolutely necessary . . . The swirling lines look as though they might start moving if seen at just the right moment. The pictures have inspired Gaiman to write some of his most beautiful sentences…The Grimm version is as frightening as a bedtime story gets, but this version will scare people in new ways, and some of those people may need to start drawing right away." Kirkus Reviews, starred review

* “Master storyteller Gaiman plumbs the dark depths of Hansel and Gretel... Italian illustrator Mattotti contributes elegant b&w ink spreads that alternate with spreads of text. His artistry flows from the movement of his brush and the play of light and shadow.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

* “Newbery Medal–winner Neil Gaiman retells Hansel and Gretel as a story of parents plotting a murder by neglect, with full-spread India ink compositions by Lorenzo Mattotti as dark and terrifying as his forest setting. ... Gaiman's text is a study in minimalism, yet he includes every salient detail... A perfectly frightful treat.”—Shelf Awareness, starred review

“Mattotti masterfully and subtly uses negative space so each image isn’t immediately noticeable, like the most menacing game of hide-and-seek, and the abrupt oscillation between the clean, white pages of words and the silent, chilling dusky pictures is striking... Gaiman’s fans and lovers of visual storytelling will devour this eerie version of a classic.” Booklist

“There is no question that Gaiman is an incredibly gifted wordsmith, and his retelling harkens back to the Grimms’s original narrative. The most inspirational part of this book is Mattotti’s artwork. Pitch-black India ink is used to great effect, creating dark and terrifying landscapes that threaten to envelop the tiny figures of the children. An extensive note on the history of the tale’s origins is included as back matter.” School Library Journal

“I love Gaiman’s and Mattotti’s Hansel & Gretel. The writing is rich. ("They went so deep into the old forest that the sunlight was stained green by the leaves.") And the art is striking. I have never seen a more chill-inducing rendition of the witch's gingerbread cottage. I swear it looks like there's a skull atop it.” —Julie Danielson, Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

"Mattotti’s arresting and frightening illustrations fill each two-page spread with thick black brushstrokes, the children appearing as tiny, indistinct figures, often in the book’s corners or near the seam. This visual depiction of the evil surrounding them creates a mounting sense of dread, which prevails even after the children defeat the witch and return. Home, Gaiman and Mattotti suggest, is never really safe from the world outside."  — Youth Services Book Review