A Change of Place By Julie E. Czerneda

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Published by (2024-09-17)

Return to the Aurora Award-winning, cozy romantic fantasy Night's Edge series and the rich and atmospheric world of Marrowdell

Spring in Marrowdell is a time to celebrate. Life stirs, the air warms, and Jenn Nalynn and Bannan Larmensu couldn't be happier. But spring is also fraught with change, and nowhere is this truer than the edge, where the Verge, the magical realm of dragons and sei, touches that of snow and roads. The spring equinox marks the final turn before Marrowdell’s sun starts to dominate the sky and Jenn, turn-born and sei, feels the pull to cross to the Verge.

Marrowdell’s river floods, and Jenn knows she is needed at home, but deep within the Verge a perilous force is calling her away from all she loves. For the house toad’s mighty queen has waited for the first equinox with the powers of a turn-born in the edge, and now she is ready to make her move against it.

Caught up in plots they cannot understand, Jenn and Bannan find themselves separated, and to reunite they will have to outsmart the queen herself. But even if they can foil her plan, will Marrowdell still be there when they return?

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Format: eBook
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Published: 2024-09-17
ISBN: 9780698193543
Page Count: 496

Praise for the Night's Edge series:

"A Change of Place is a lovely and rich story that sweeps you along through a wondrous and magical world. Highly recommended!" —Sarah Beth Durst, award-winning author of The Spellshop

“A warm and intricate fantasy opus with large themes woven into a charming story.” —Charlaine Harris, New York Times-bestselling author

A Turn of Light is a gorgeous creation. Julie Czerneda's world and characters are richly layered and wonderful—full of mystery, hope and, most of all, heart.” —Anne Bishop, New York Times-bestselling author

"An enchanting and gentle fable, rich with detail and characters you will love.” —Charles de Lint, World Fantasy Award–winning author

A Turn of Light is deft, beautiful storytelling.” —Ed Greenwood, bestselling creator of the Forgotten Realms

“Infused with idyllic enchantment, Julie Czerneda weaves a heartwarming bucolic tale, packed with magic both wild and strange—a top-notch fantasy read!” —Janny Wurts, author of The Wars of Light and Shadow

"Luminous and beguiling. With Marrowdell and its enchanting inhabitants, Julie Czerneda has conjured a world that readers can sink into and disappear. I lost myself to this tale that is, by turns, lovely, lyrical, and thrilling. This book is a feast for the mind and the heart." —Lesley Livingston, author of The Valiant

“Science fiction author Czerneda will charm fantasy readers with multidimensional characters, a vivid setting, and powerful themes of hope and renewal.” —Locus

"Known for her powerful and insightful sf novels, Czerneda brings the same exacting sensibility to her brilliant fantasy debut.... Fans of L. E. Modesitt Jr. and Charles de Lint will love this fantastic and magical fable." —Library Journal