Amazing Grazing By Cris Peterson; Photographs by Alvis Upitis

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ISBN: 9781590788684


Published by (2011-04-01)

Countless acres of grassland stretch across the American West. Centuries ago, bison roamed the range freely and lived off the grass. By the nineteenth century, herds of cattle grazed the same land. And over time, much of he original grassland was either plowed and planted or trampled to dust, causing the topsoil to dry up and blow away. Today many ranchers have learned to manage their herds of beef cattle so that the damaged range has been transformed into productive grasslands with sparkling clear streams running through them. Montana Ranchers Bob Lee, Ray Marxer, and Tom Milesnick have won numerous awards for their innovative approaches to raising beef cattle and managing the western range. While creating a healthy environment and abundant grasslands for their cattle, they and other ranchers and farmers across the United States have provided quality habitat for wildlife. Author Cris Peterson has visited each ranch to learn firsthand about the philosophies of their owners as well as how the ranches are run. Photographer Alvis Upitis has captured the sheer beauty and magnificence of the open rangelands, the crystal clear streams, and the mountains that tower over them. Together, this award-winning author-photographer team presents an exciting portrait of a new approach to ranching and environmental conservation in the American West.

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Published: 2011-04-01
ISBN: 9781590788684
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"The author and photographer visited three Montana ranchers who recently won awards for their efforts to heal and protect the West's largest renewable resource--grass. ... Beautiful color photography enhances this well-researched text. ... Students will find this accessible title useful for reports, and the combination of high-quality writing and outstanding photography will please both urban and rural readers."--School Library Journal