Beekeepers By Linda Oatman High; Illustrated by Doug Chayka

ISBN: 9781590780466


Published by (2002-09-01)

When the sunshine pours like warm honey from the sky, it's time to tend Grandpa's bees. This day his granddaughter lends a hand, and she is treated to a spectacular show. The swarming bees whirl and twirl like a big buzzing cloud until they finally cluster on the limb of a tree. Then it's up to granddaughter to bring the bees down and move them into their new hive, which she does with great care. Grandpa is proud. His granddaughter proves to be "a fine keeper of bees." Linda Oatman High's lovingly told story, with sunny oil paintings by Doug Chayka, captures the special experience shared between a grandparent and child.

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Format: Trade Paperback
Price: 12.95 USD / 16.95 CAD
Published: 2002-09-01
ISBN: 9781590780466
Page Count: 32
Trim Size: 8-1/2 x 11