Bicycle By Lori Haskins Houran


Eureka! The Biography of an Idea

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ISBN: 9781635924749


Published by (2021-08-03)

Who likes bikes? Just about everyone! Here is a "biography" of bicycles, an essential invention that keeps people rolling!

From the first spark of an idea of a new way to get around to the spread of bicycles throughout the world, Bicycle is a fun and informative look at an invention that makes a huge difference in our lives. This STEAM nonfiction title is part of the new Eureka! series with each book focusing on one groundbreaking, world-changing discovery that millions of people use every single day.

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Published: 2021-08-03
ISBN: 9781635924749
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"The appealing Eureka! The Biography of an Idea series introduces primary-grade students to the history behind familiar inventions, from an initial concept or prototype to versions familiar to users today. The writing is simple, clear, and often lively. Richly colorful, digital artwork suggests the look of different time periods and cultures, while portraying individuals who developed each invention and showing how its appearance has changed through the years. Well attuned to the intended audience, this series is both engaging and informative." —Booklist

"This series explores some of history’s greatest and most ubiquitous inventions. The illustrations...are a real highlight, colorful and engaging, setting the historical scenes nicely while providing clear and engaging diagrams. There is a palpable sense of good cheer in the [depiction] of... the little dog enjoying his ride in the basket of China’s famous Flying Pigeon bicycle. Back matter provides some extra fun facts (Amsterdam has more bikes than people!) and...close[s] with a message about how improved energy efficiency benefits the body and environment.  Perfect for STEM lessons and future innovators, this fun and informative series has a lot to offer."School Library Journal

"A concise, inclusive history of the evolution of the bicycle. The multicountry perspective (Germany, England, France, America, Ireland, and China are all mentioned) is a refreshing angle; also welcome is the information on ways bicycles were and are used, their efficiency, and the etymology of bicycle names and terms. This engaging history of the bicycle is sure to pique young riders’ interest while it enriches their knowledge." Kirkus Reviews

"This concise history starts with German Karl Drais's 1817 invention of a wooden two-wheeled 'running machine'...[and] culminat[es] with 'a bicycle for just about everybody'....The lively illustrations keep pace with the accessible and engaging text."The Horn Book