Electric Forest By Tanith Lee

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Published by (2019-05-07)

Now available in a redesigned edition, Tanith Lee's sci-fi classic of a woman's quest for acceptance through the transfer of her consciousness to an artificial body.

In the futuristic world of Indigo, reproduction is controlled by the government, guaranteeing that every baby is happy, healthy, and beautiful. But mistakes happen, and a rare few babies are accidentally born biologically, like Magdala Cled.

Because of her natural-born features, Magdala is an outcast in society--abandoned at birth, abused in the orphanage she grew up in, and branded with the cruel name "Ugly." But Magdala's world turns upside down when she's approached by Claudio Loro, a wealthy scientist who has created a beautiful artificial body. When he offers to transfer Magdala's consciousness into the body, she cannot refuse the priceless opportunity for a new, beautiful life.

However, unbeknownst to her, Claudio has crafted her new body to resemble Christophine del Jan, his rival scientist and former lover. Now Magdala must impersonate Christophine to infiltrate high society, court Claudio's advances, and decide whose side she is truly on--all while maintaining her real body lest it die...and she die with it.

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Published: 2019-05-07
ISBN: 9780698404649
Page Count: 192

Praise for Electric Forest:

"Tanith Lee writes in sensual, emotion-rich prose." —Publishers Weekly

"Tanith Lee is a master at the art of disguiseElectric Forest, her latest venture, appears at first to be an offshoot of the classic Frankenstein, but just when you think you're on terra firma, Lee expertly pulls the rug out from under you. Don't miss this one." —The Jackson Sun

"Tanith Lee, again, shows her talent for writing a "can't put it down" book and shows that besides being a top-notch fantasy and science fiction writer, she is inventive as well. Highly recommended." —Baryon Magazine

"Electric Forest is more than an excellent novel—it is, in my opinion, one of the best works science fiction has so far produced, something I will reread for the rest of my life.... The story is gripping, the writing is excellent, the plot twists are dazzling—but even more, Electric Forest turns the reader inside-out, emotionally." —Ares

"This is the first Lee novel I've read and I'm impressed and delighted with her sensual style, her talents, and her mastery of language and narrative. There may not be one unnecessary word in this novel, and yet it is so rich and detailed and well-told that it arouses awe." —Science Fiction Review