Emberclaw By L. R. Lam

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ISBN: 9780756418441


Published by (2025-03-04)

Long-banished dragons, revered as gods, return to the mortal realm in the second book in this queer epic fantasy trilogy from a London Times bestselling author

One volume has closed and the next opened. But a different Archivist writes this now, for the last has flown out to the horizon and never returned. I wish I could promise all turned out well. That fate arced its way straight and true towards fairness and justice. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that life, even one touched by magic and fate, is never tidy.

But no matter how difficult things became, I cannot shy away from putting it all down, tempting as it is to burn certain pages. I made a pact and a promise that I would show it all. The good, the bad, the intimacy, and the betrayal. I am, for better or worse, the new archivist. I have to let it stand.  

Stories often begin with either a life or a death. This one is the latter.

Explore the world of the Dragon Scales trilogy with bonus content, including historical timeline, glossary, and illustrated map!

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Published: 2025-03-04
ISBN: 9780756418441
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