Enchantment Place By Denise Little

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ISBN: 9781440631405


Published by (2008-08-05)

Seventeen original stories about a mall where anything you can imagine is for sale-but who will pay the price?

The stores in Enchantment Place live up to the title, catering to a rather unique clientele ranging from vampires and werecreatures to wizards and witches, elves and unicorns' in short, anyone with shopping needs not likely to be met in the chain stores. Here are seventeen shopping trips you'll never forget, from a store that sells the highest quality familiars, to the non-magical daughter of a magic-filled family who is left to mind the family jewelry store though she has no means to defeat an enchanting thief, to a woman running a Wiccan supply store who is suddenly faced with an IRS audit?

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Published: 2008-08-05
ISBN: 9781440631405
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