Published by (2020-04-14)

Here is the third title in the Top-Secret Diary of Celie Valentine series--now in paperback! Once again, Celie turns to her top-secret diary when she faces big changes in her life.

Ten-year-old Celie is dealing with a lot. On top of adjusting to her new school with harder homework, Celie has friendship troubles and issues at home when her forgetful Granny and a home nurse move into their apartment. When misunderstandings lead to a falling out between Celie's older sister Jo and her boyfriend, Celie is determined to make it right. Unfortunately, her choices lead to a dangerous situation. Once more Celie turns to her diary, filling the pages with heartfelt and often humorous entries, notes, drawings, and pages from her top-secret spy notebook.

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Format: Trade Paperback
Price: 13.99 CAD / 9.99 USD
Published: 2020-04-14
ISBN: 9781684377060
Page Count: 176
Trim Size: 5-1/2 x 8-1/4

"In this third entry in the Top-Secret Diary of Celie Valentine series, Celie and her family have moved an hour away from everyone... and Celie has to start at a new school. Celie turns to her diary to work out what she should do, ...(and) the experience makes her resolve to stick to her principles. Celie remains delightful, and her observations and self-examination are astute." - Booklist

"A 10-year-old girl copes with a family move as well as challenges with both new and old friends in this third book about Celie Valentine. An urban story that explores the universal themes of integrity, trust, and respect in relationships." - Kirkus Reviews