Friendship Over By Julie Sternberg; Illustrated by Johanna Wright

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ISBN: 9781629792842


Published by (2014-09-30)

Meet Celie Valentine, a tween dealing with a lot of changes in her life! Ten-year-old Celie has quite a few things on her mind—fights with her sister Jo, secrets at school, an increasingly forgetful grandmother, and worst of all, a best friend who won't speak to her. How can a girl who hates change survive, when everything in her life is changing? By writing in her top-secret diary, of course.

Being ten is hard. Just ask Celie, who is at this moment:
·      Feuding with her best friend Lula (does she count as a best friend if she won’t even talk to Celie?)
·      Keeping secrets (from everyone)
·      Spying on her parents (and maybe reading emails that don’t belong to her)
·      Trying to figure out why her Granny is behaving so strangely (like freezing her trash)
·      Maybe—just maybe—stopping mean girls from ruling the day (well, at least one super-mean girl)
Celie's often comical and always heartfelt diary entries include notes, e-mails, homework assignments, and pages from her top-secret spy notebook. Here is the perfect tween series for young readers ages 8 – 12!

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Published: 2014-09-30
ISBN: 9781629792842
Page Count: 160

★ " . . . Wright's spot-on black-and-white illustrations perfectly complement Sternberg's text. . . This satisfying slice-of-life story about the permutations of friendship and family resonates." —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"As she did in Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie and its sequels, Sternberg exposes the travails of adolescence with authenticity and humor in this first volume of the Top-Secret Diary of Celie Valentine series. . . " —Publishers Weekly