George Washington’s Spectacular Spectacles By Selene Castrovilla

George Washington’s Spectacular Spectacles

The Glasses That Saved America

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ISBN: 9781662680441


Published by (2025-01-21)

Did you know that George Washington had a secret? He wore glasses! While initially embarrassed by his reliance on this reading aid, Washington’s spectacles proved themselves to be nothing short of spectacular in this charming, funny–and little-known–picture book story from American history.

The Revolutionary War was over, but Washington’s officers had not received their wages from the Continental Congress in years. Afraid they would never get their money, the officers planned to storm Congress and demand it right away. Luckily, George Washington found out about the plot just in time. He delivered a passionate speech to his men, but they were unaffected. It was only when he struggled to read aloud a letter from Congress and had to put on his glasses, that they realized how much he had sacrificed for their country along with them. The officers dropped their plan and pledged their loyalty to America and to Washington.

Selene Castrovilla’s carefully researched yet playful prose and Jenn Harney’s energetic, original illustrations bring George Washington’s more human side to life in this humorous but important story about true American loyalty.

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Published: 2025-01-21
ISBN: 9781662680441
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“Selene Castrovilla has written a story of George Washington’s act of humility that transforms an almost disaster at Newburgh into an epic moment in our country’s beginning. This is an account of commitment and humanity coming from a remarkable source: a pair of spectacles.”—Debra Demers, Teacher Learning Coordinator The George Washington Teacher Institute

“Through history, George Washington has been placed on a pedestal, far above us common citizens. In this book, Selene Castrovilla shines a light on one small event in this man’s momentous life, but in doing so, she allows us to view him as the human he was—fearful, embarrassed, and unsure, yet still brave, courageous, and devoted to America. What an incredible gift to children everywhere.”—Patricia L. Maclay, MD, Board of Governors, American Friends of Lafayette