Good Night, Bat! Good Morning, Squirrel! By Paul Meisel

ISBN: 9781629794952


Published by (2016-09-13)

In this fresh and funny picture book from Geisel Honor-winning author/illustrator Paul Meisel, a lonely bat thinks he has found a perfect home—until he discovers that it's already inhabited by a persnickety squirrel.

Bat's excited -- he thinks he's found a perfect new home.  Except Squirrel already lives there! Since each is asleep during the other's waking hours, the two begin exchanging notes. With these notes, Squirrel does her best to oust her unwelcome guest, but Bat misunderstands and thinks Squirrel is happy to have a new friend. This is a sweet opposites-attract friendship story that gently shows young readers how to find common ground despite outward differences.

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Format: Hardcover
Price: 23.95 CAD / 17.95 USD
Published: 2016-09-13
ISBN: 9781629794952
Page Count: 40
Trim Size: 8-1/2 x 11

"Homeless Bat moves in, unannounced, with Squirrel. Can this odd couple live together in peace?... Meisel's plot moves in appealing increments, stressing the importance not only of friendship, but also of courtesy; the epistolary relationship is an added bonus. His rich palette and expressively drawn animals add warmth to an important message. Odd-couple stories are far from an endangered species, but this one's worth making room for." —Kirkus Reviews

"Tone can be a tricky thing in written communication, as anyone who has sent an email a little too hastily knows. The same is apparently true of notes written on leaves and mushroom caps, something that Squirrel discovers as she tries to get her unexpected new housemate, Bat, to vacate her tree nest.... Meisel's (Run for Your Life!) digitally colored crayon and charcoal cartoons keep the mood light... a drily funny portrait of the rewards of opening oneself up to new opportunities and friendships." —Publishers Weekly

"Readers will delight in guessing how sweet, clueless Bat will misread Squirrel's grumpy missives....(and) the very last note will leave readers saying "Awww." The illustrations perfectly convey the feelings of Bat and Squirrel and reflect and enhance the overall tone of the story. This is an uplifting, giggle-inducing, winning read-aloud, ideal for any storytime. A fresh, funny, sweet offering in which friendship triumphs despite obvious outward differences. A must-have for any library." —School Library Journal

"(T)he...friendship between the two feels satisfying. Digitally colored charcoal and crayon illustrations add warmth to the tale. Recommended." The Horn Book Guide

"Digitally colored, the charcoal-and-litho-crayon illustrations portray settings and characters with rounded lines and earthy hues. Both pictures and text have an accessible, childlike tone, and the misunderstanding-based humor will resonate with kids who find the written word challenging to decode." —Booklist