I Do Not Like Water By Eva Lindström

ISBN: 9781662620553


Published by (2024-05-21)

Alf is scared of water—but he’s not about to let that keep him from enjoying summer with his water-loving friends. In this slyly humorous story, Alf creatively confronts his fears and comes up with a surprising solution.

It’s the summer and everyone is out swimming under the sun . . . well, almost everyone. While all his friends love canoeing down rivers and splashing in the community pool, Alf would rather remain on dry land. This makes hanging with his friends difficult! What can Alf do to enjoy his summer as much as his splish-splashing friends, without getting so much as a single toe wet? 

From one of Sweden’s most beloved children’s authors, I Do Not Like Water is an award-winning celebration of whimsical individuality and overcoming your fears.

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Format: Hardcover
Price: 18.99 USD / 24.99 CAD
Published: 2024-05-21
ISBN: 9781662620553
Page Count: 32
Trim Size: 8-1/4 x 11

★ "This is a refreshingly unsentimental and matter-of-fact take on being different, devoid of heavy-handed moralizing or intervention from adult characters. The children's interpersonal dynamics and body language are left for young readers to absorb and ponder, and they'll linger over both text and art—and be heartened by Alf's trajectory. A delightful celebration of acceptance in all its forms." —Kirkus Reviews

"Vividly relaying intense early experiences of pain and of pleasure, Lindström (The Bridge) portrays a child who is comfortable with their own feelings and resourceful enough to hold space for them."—Publishers Weekly