I’m the Big One Now! By Marilyn Singer

I’m the Big One Now!

Poems about Growing Up


Published by (2021-02-02)

A perfect gift for a new big brother or big sister, this collection of 21 poems celebrates growing up and milestones both large and small in a young person's life, such as learning how to whistle, riding the school bus alone, and becoming an older sibling.

Growing up is exciting! It's packed with firsts like losing a tooth of visiting the ocean. It's bursting with accomplishments like figuring out how to snap, and learning to ride a bike. And it's full of changes that change you like being stung by a bee and realizing that even big kids cry, or holding your baby brother for the first time. This collection of poems by award-winning author Marilyn Singer salutes significant milestones for every child and is accompanied by sweet, joyful illustrations by Jana Christy.

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Format: eBook
Price: 13.99 CAD / 9.99 USD
Published: 2021-02-02
ISBN: 9781635925852
Page Count: 32

A NCTE Notable Poetry Book

“A simple yet delightful collection of poems from Singer. (She) turns the spotlight on challenges that may seem mundane to grown-ups but are incredibly meaningful…The individual poems are short and very approachable; it's clear Singer kept her audience in mind while penning each one. Teachers and caregivers will appreciate the ability to pick up and set aside the book at will, reading only one or two poems or the entire collection in one go. The illustrations…are very in-tune with the offering. Soft lines and smudged shapes help to steer the interest level, and the diverse cast is particularly notable. This encouraging, kid-centric collection of poems is a fun and approachable homage to iconic rites of passage.” – School Library Journal

"Acclaimed poet Singer celebrates the milestones in a young child's life… through a series of poems that, like children, are unique, at times unpredictable, and always lively. Christy's digital illustrations in soft pastel hues reflect children and families of all races and cultures. Children are captured…full of energy and confidence. There's something for every child here.” — Booklist

“Award-winning poet Singer explores the stumbles and triumphs that go hand in hand as preschoolers become big kids…(T)hese 19 poems encapsulate the myriad experiences of a diverse cast of grade-schoolers…Singer's observations span a variety of poetic forms and rhyming schemes…(and) Christy's watercolor images capture gap-toothed grins and snaggle-brow frowns with equal aplomb.” -Kirkus Reviews

“Singer’s genial poems focus on childhood milestones…Christy illustrates in cheerful, jewel-toned digital spreads, capturing Singer’s relatable moments of frustration, progress, and pride.” Publishers Weekly