Last-But-Not-Least Lola and the Wild Chicken By Christine Pakkala; Illustrated by Paul Hoppe

ISBN: 9781629792781


Published by (2014-10-09)

Lola's back! She patched things up with frenemy Amanda Anderson, but it's not happily ever after for these two best friends, at least not yet. Lola doesn't want to share Amanda, especially not with Jessie, who seems to be around . . . all the time. Can there be more than two best friends? And what does a wild chicken have to do with anything? Hint: The answer involves a class trip to a farm. When Lola is around, you never know what will happen next. This second book in Christine Pakkala's dynamic series is sure to capture the hearts of readers who love a spunky heroine and some unexpected antics.

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Format: eBook
Price: 21.95 CAD / 6.99 USD
Published: 2014-10-09
ISBN: 9781629792781
Page Count: 216

" . . . Pakkala perfectly captures the competitive jealousy that sparks among little girls as they claim best friends, as well as the supportive tone of a good teacher caring for well-intentioned but accident-causing pupils. Hoppe's smart cartoon spot illustrations suit the fast-paced, emotionally resonant, and sometimes silly story, further qualifying Lola as the up-to-date heir of Beverly Cleary's Ramona stories. Sweet Lola, who never means to but routinely gets in trouble, will be a comforting character for emergent readers, especially those who sometimes have a hard time not making mistakes." —Booklist

" . . . The characters in this contemporary story are delightfully complex, and while they claim to dislike one another, the empathy they display toward one another is what sets this story apart . . . The pen-and-ink drawings are bright and inviting . . . this romp is a worthwhile read." —School Library Journal