Lincoln Clears a Path By Peggy Thomas; Illustrated by Stacy Innerst

Lincoln Clears a Path

Abraham Lincoln's Agricultural Legacy

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ISBN: 9781684371532


Published by (2021-01-19)

Throughout his life, Abraham Lincoln tried to make life easier for others. Then during the darkest days of the Civil War, when everyone needed hope, President Lincoln cleared a path for all Americans to a better future.

As a boy, Abraham Lincoln helped his family break through the wilderness and struggle on a frontier farm. When Lincoln was a young man, friends made it easier for him to get a better education and become a lawyer, so as a politician he paved the way for better schools and roads. President Lincoln cleared a path to better farming, improved transportation, accessible education, and most importantly, freedom. Author Peggy Thomas uncovers Abraham Lincoln's passion for agriculture and his country while illustrator Stacy Innerst cleverly provides a clear look as President Lincoln strives for positive change.

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Format: Hardcover
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Published: 2021-01-19
ISBN: 9781684371532
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★ "Why have another book about Abe Lincoln in your library collection? Because this one is special. [It] provides an excellent backdrop for studying various policies in the U.S. government that exist today. It is an impeccable book to introduce the figure of Abraham Lincoln and initiate more research into his life and legacy." —School Library Connection, starred review

"Beginning with his family’s creation of a farm out of woodland when he was 7 and ending with the Emancipation Proclamation, the narrative follows Lincoln’s life experiences as farmer, entrepreneur, and self-educated statesman, all the way to the presidency. Innerst creates engaging, sepia-toned scenes with watercolor-based artwork, and the design of the spreads, with dark paper and handwritten lettering for quotations from Lincoln’s writings, gives the feel of old documents." —Kirkus Reviews 

"A great non-fiction picture book choice for elementary through high school. Whether an introduction to Lincoln as president, or a unit starter for a government class – so many ways to use it.  And I love the on-going thread of “Clearing a path”.  The subtitle may be about an agricultural legacy, but his legacy is much deeper." Kiss the Book