Magic’s Silken Snare (Silken Magic # 1) By Elizabeth Gilligan

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ISBN: 9781101665718


Published by (2003-04-01)

The debut novel of the dazzling Silken Magic series, set in the mythical kingdom of Tyrrhia, where courtly politics, magic, and the silk trade intersect.

When the owl called, Luciana’s heart filled with dread.

The first time she had heard the owl call three times, she had been barely five—and her father had died. Over the years that followed, this herald of misfortune had warned of death several times, and on each occasion she had lost someone dear to her. 

Now she was a grown woman with too many for whose safety she feared. Luciana’s husband, Stefano, Duca di Drago, brother to the queen of Tyrrhia, was currently away fighting in the war against the Turks. Her grandmother, the Romani Queen, was at an age when death might easily claim her companionship. And Luciana’s own beloved sister Alessandra was at the Tyrrhian court, an innocent among courtiers far too well-versed in intrigue. 

But the truth would prove far more dreadful than Luciana’s worst fears. For not only was Alessa dead, but her very soul was imperiled by the way she had died. Luciana had no choice but to journey to the White King’s Court to seek out the one responsible. Yet the trail she must uncover would lead Luciana into the gravest danger.

And even the silken magic of the Rom might not prove strong enough to defeat the dark sorcery which had stolen her sister’s very spirit, and now threatened to turn this power against the royal court.

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Format: eBook
Price: 9.99 CAD / 4.99 USD
Published: 2003-04-01
ISBN: 9781101665718
Page Count: 560

Praise for the Silken Magic series:

"An alternate Renaissance Italy is the setting for this opulent tale of court intrigue and dark magics. This excellent first novel presents engaging characters in a well-realized world." —Locus

"The sequel is as gripping as the predecessor, and the term richly textured is also applicable to this superior historical fantasy." —Booklist

"An alternate Sicily is splendidly revealed, as seen through the eyes of new voice ElizaBeth Gilligan. Robust characterizations, multiple storylines and clever delivery of snippets create a satisfying tale." —Romantic Times

“ElizaBeth Gilligan is a bright and shining star in the fantasy firmament, an author who creates characters, both real and magical, who appeal to readers who like complexity and honor in their heroes.... A book that deserves to be put on the keeper’s shelf.” —Midwest Book Review