Maya Makes a Mess By Rutu Modan

Maya Makes a Mess

Toon Books Level 2

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ISBN: 9781935179177


Published by (2012-08-14)

In the midst of a family dinner with her scolding parents, Maya receives an unexpected invitation to dine with the Queen. Suddenly, her messy manners are put to the ultimate test and she begins to improvise her very own set of rules, with uproarious results.

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Format: Hardcover
Price: 12.95 USD / 15 CAD
Published: 2012-08-14
ISBN: 9781935179177
Page Count: 32
Trim Size: 6 x 9

Modan’s beautifully expressive clear-line cartoons work well in a story for children, and the story itself has just the right twists for new readers to enjoy and maybe even hazard a chance of predicting...Another winner from TOON.

The sparse, effective dialogue works seamlessly with the colorful, detailed pictures to tell this simple but engaging story. Various panel sizes perfectly pace the story’s sequences. Modan, an award-winning illustrator and graphic novelist, skillfully depicts Maya’s sensitivity and spiritedness through keenly drawn facial expressions and body movements...Young readers will devour the visual details and cheer on Maya as she asserts her individuality.
—Library Media Connection

Ridiculous and hysterical, perfect for messy eaters and those who are forbidden to have their own fun at the table.
—Shelf Awareness Pro

A fun read with an engaging hero.
—Publishers Weekly